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Inspired by our forefather and foremother entrepreneurs, pioneers and forward-thinkers, Perry University is proud to continue a legacy of entrepreneurship in American history. Founded by Allen F. Perry, Perry University is a private online school for aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. If you have a talent or skill, and a passion to serve others, Perry University is the place for you.

Perry University curriculums incorporate history,  culture, modern-day business practices, and reiterate the importance of ownership. It all started in the music industry, with founder Allen F, Perry, who wrote a curriculum, titled, 

“ Independent Artistry”…

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Over 20 years of Entrepreneurship Legacy

From 1990 through 1999, Allen F. Perry discover his passion for education and music. Self-taught, he began writing, producing and recording music as a hobby in his home studio. In 1999, Allen earned his high school diploma from All Hallows High School in Bronx, New York.


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Perry University History Timeline









From 1999 through 2003, Allen performed his music at college parties and off-campus venues. In 2004, Allen incorporated his own music recording label Rise & Grind Entertainment, and invented the CapCase.

In 2006, the popular hit single, “It’s Over”, written and recorded by Allen aka K.O., helped him land a recording contract with BOOM  Entertainment, a music label in New York City owned by Lenny Kravitz. 

In August 2007, Allen was featured full-page in VIBE Magazine for his witty music artistry. As he learned the art of doing business as an independent artist and entrepreneur, Allen began writing what we know today as, “Independent Artistry”.

In 2011, the first version of the Independent Artistry book and curriculum was completed and self-published. Allen graduated from Full Sail University June 2011 with a Masters degree in Entertainment Business.

In 2012, Allen founded his own consulting business, Perry’s Entrepreneur Consulting. Using the Independent Artistry curriculum, he provided business consulting services to aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners.

In September 2013, Allen earn a 2nd Master’s degree in Digital Marketing from Full Sail University. Allen expanded his consulting services to include website design and marketing, and began pitching his curriculum to schools in the United States.

Using the business practices written in the Independent Artistry curriculum, in 2016 Allen founded 411-MIAD,

 an international text on-demand home cleaning service.

In 2018, the Independent Artistry curriculum was acquired by Promise Academy Harlem Children Zone, a charter middle school in Harlem, New York City. Allen taught students how to turn their passions and ideas into a business that serves their community.

In 2019, Allen used the Independent Artistry curriculum to create 

Hip-Hop 4 Freshmen - a self-help artist-development book series for aspiring independent hip-hop music artist.

In 2020, Allen’s entrepreneur spirit lead him to the stock market. With a desire to invest his business profits, Allen studied for and passed the Securities Industry Essentials exam (SIE). Allen began investing in the stock market and created, Hip-Hop ’n Stocks.

During the Summer of 2021, Allen created Godz Closet, an online christian-based clothing store. Godz Closet is the official school store for Perry University.

During Spring 2022, Allen created and launched the social media challenge, “30-Day Entrepreneur” - a group event where aspiring entrepreneurs gather for 2-hours 30-days straight to build their business. 

January 1st 2023, Allen officially launched Perry University - an online school for entrepreneurs worldwide.

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