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30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge $500 Giveawy Image
30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge $500 Giveawy

1- Take the 30-day challenge

2- Complete each task

3- Submit your workbook

4- #30dayentrepreneur on IG

*$500 towards a new business. One winner per 30-day session

*Must purchase workbook to enter contest

WIN $500 CASH*

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Take the 30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge
30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge Calendar Syllabus
Why take the 30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur, but don’t know where to start? Join us for FREE Workshop Wednesdays to get a taste of what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. This free, 1-hour workshop will give you a solid understanding of what it takes to turn an idea into a business, and provide resources to get you started today!


“In my city, New York City, the African American community currently makes up 22% of the population (1.9 million). Yet only 3.5% of NYC businesses are owned by us. African American entrepreneurs face enormous barriers and are vastly underrepresented among New York City's business owners. So I started the 30-Day Launch a Business Challenge to teach People of Color the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and how to start business. It doesn’t matter your background nor where you’re from - Join us.” - Allen Perry (Challenge Moderator)

The 30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge is a DIY group challenge created to help aspiring entrepreneur start their business. The challenge comes with a lesson plan and interactive workbook. The workbook contains to-do lists, fillable fields, contracts, agreements, coupons on business services, links to online resources and free mentorship. Do it yourself or take the challenge in a group session with other aspiring entrepreneurs.

30-Day Entrepreneur Challenge Workbook
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